Pastoral Carers


The role of the Pastoral Carer

A Pastoral Carer is someone who is there to support you spiritually and emotionally at all times, but particularly in times of need. Our role is not to offer physical support or replace the role of family or medical adviser.

The Pastoral Care team is one of the many strengths of our church community. It works with the Minister to support all church members as well as our wider church community. Each member of our Church community has been allocated a Pastoral Carer. The team meets monthly, or more regularly in times of need, to plan, share information and support each other. It is very conscious of the need for discretion: no personal information is shared without permission. The relationship between church members and their pastoral carer works best when church members and their carer are in regular contact with each other. The Pastoral Care team usually meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.


Praying for each other

One of the roles for which the Pastoral Care team is responsible is that of writing new Prayer Points each month for the church’s weekly news sheet. Prayer Points seeks to include both specific and general matters of concern, for either individuals or the congregation as a whole. As the news sheet is available on the church website which is a public document, for reasons of confidentiality, specific names cannot be mentioned.

Current Carers:

   -  Robin Blackwell
   -  Val Cansick
   -  Marjorie Coulsen
   -  Jill Henriks
   -  Rosalind Hobbes
   -  Elizabeth Krust
   -  Pam Lange
   -  Margaret Middleton
   -  Jan Smith
   -  Norma Smithers
   -  June Wait

Please contact the office for more information.