Other Charities


Other charities have been supported by monthly food collections, donations of knitted goods, and the Biggest Morning Tea (Cancer Council). Church members are encouraged to make monetary donations in lieu of their normal method of support at this time:


Newtown Mission

1. Direct debit of your Visa, Mastercard by contacting the Newtown Mission Office (9519 9000; office@newtownmission.org.au)

2. Or, via Electronic Funds Transfer to the following account (not tax-deductible):

     Account Name:  Newtown Community Care Centre

     BSB:  634634

     Account Number:  100047429

3. Or, to organise a tax-deductible donation, please contact the Newtown Mission Office for details (9519 9000 or  office@newtownmission.org.au)


Exodus Foundation 

Go to website exodusfoundation.org.au and click on 'Donate now'



Go to website streetwork.org,au and click on 'Donate'


Harris Community Centre

    Account Name:  Uniting

    BSB:  032-003 (Westpac)

    Account Number:  172955 

    Deposit reference:  Donation 999812

(For donation receipt email  ar_enquiries@uniting.org with details of your name, email address, donation amount and date and purpose – Harris Centre)


Asylum Seekers’ Centre



Cancer Council

https://www.cancer.org.au and click 'Donate'


Frontier Services

https://frontierservices.org click ‘Donate now’


Missionvale (South Africa)


Watch Missionvale Video here.