How Lindara is funded:

Lindara, operates on a not-for-profit basis.  

Broadly, Lindara benefits from the fund raising activities of the supporting congregations, Lindfield Uniting, Killara Uniting, and Gordon Pymble Uniting.  

The predominant source of funding is from individual members of the congregations, donors altruistic towards the local community homeless issue, predominantly attributed to domestic violence.  Through a bi-annual planned giving process, individual members of these congregations make either a one-off donation or commit to regular donations over the two years.  Donations are lodged directly into the Lindara’s bank accounts within Uniting Financial Services, those over $2 eligible for tax deductibility under Lindara’s DGR endorsement.  Please see Making a Donation herein.  Considerable pride is held by Lindara in reassuring individual donor supporters that 100 cents in the dollar donated is expended on those whom the program serves within our community. 

Additionally, the Lindara Markets, a community activity held since 1989 and somewhat reminiscent of the old style school or church fete, has operated in the area and provides a significant contribution to the Lindara activities. Today, they operate at Lindfield Uniting, 454 Pacific Highway Lindfield, and are held three times each year.  Please see Lindara Markets herein.

Other fund raising activities are undertaken from time to time by the local community, i.e. Gordon Community Centre.